We love being photographers; it is a passion and a dream come true for us. Our backgrounds were in a corporate setting until we decided to follow our love for capturing timeless images. We love weddings because we have been there, we understand, and we also want to create an experience for the bride, groom, and all their special guest.

Andrea is exceptionally personable and professional. She is all about relationships. She cares deeply to make this day memorable so she will get to know you well. She enjoys focusing on details and creative images. Thurman (Tee) is the technical one; he is very creative and professional, bringing the ultimate experience. Together they are the perfect package.  This year we brought on to Bella Grey photography, Leece. Leeve is an exceptional filmmaker and when we met we were so right as a team. We are so excited to have her come onboard with Bella Grey Photography and FILM now. See more about Leece below. 

For us, photography is about light, composition, texture, and emotion. It is a medium of art that brings out the beauty, strength, and dignity of those photographed. And we are inspired by authentic moments and visual storytelling. We will capture images that will WOW everyone.

About us: 
We are foodies; yes, we love food! 
You will often find us eating, having ice cream, playing with Mickey Mouse in Disney World, or at the playground with our children; Bella & Grey, hence, the business name. Read more about us below.

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Marriage is not 50-50, divorce is 50-50. Marriage is 100-100 – it isn’t dividing everything in half but giving everything that you have got!

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Sweet tea

coffee or wine?

proud introvert over here!
Andrea is the extrovert

introvert or extrovert?

In Greece- Santorini

my perfect day will be

I have a degree in Cybersecurity


Old Fashioned!

favorite drink is

Coffee and baby cuddles


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I have a degree in Cybersecurity


Old Fashioned!

My favorite drink is

Coffee and Baby cuddles

I can't live without


Sweet Tea

coffee or wine?

proud introvert over here!
Andrea is the extrovert one!

introvert or extrovert?

In Greece- Santorini!

my perfect day will be

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As your wedding videographer, my goal is to serve you and tell the entirety of your love story through the day of your wedding. I long to capture excited couples that captivate and inspire others through my films. The raw, emotional, and sincere moments on your wedding day is what I plan on incorporating in your film. I aspire to be a creative director you wrote the script of. 
Let's create something timeless together.

Let's create a MOVIE!!

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