Weddings during this Epidemic ( COVID19)

March 29, 2020

Planning a wedding during a stressful time!

Let’s say this is just plain CRAY CRAY!!!

Planning a wedding during this time is like planning the unexpected. I wish this could be easier and less stressful. When planning a wedding we think of the first look, first dance, first kiss, hugging guest and the other best is father daughter/ son and mother dance. So to think social distancing must be a thing during your celebration and even worse a venue cancelled and they do not know when they can reschedule.

Ok, enough of the stressing and think of how amazing it is to ride this out with someone you love. You are engaged! You found the ONE! and the celebration will eventually happen and it can be held off so it can be perfect. Think that you have more time to perfect your special day, more time to save and more time to confirm all the details.

If your wedding was in March- May, the CDC suggests to reschedule because of the shut down and only essentials are allowed. I want to help you during this time because we know that stress and emotions are at an all-time high! Your perfect wedding day should happen!

What can you do…

1) I am STRESSSEDD, and my anxiety is out of the roof, what can I do?

First thing I would say is pray for At the end of the day, it is what it is, and there is nothing we can do to control this. Be there for each other and trust your vendors. If it stresses you out too much, stay away from the media, they are really pumping this thing up. Now, it is serious, but you don’t need to be continuously reminded of that.

2.) Communicate

Everyone is stressing, yes vendors too. At this point, we know that if your wedding is in March/June, you are going to have to coordinate your vendors all over again. As you consider this, there are a couple of things to think about.

  1. Your venue is key, nail that down first! If you can, try to work your schedule around your venue, or you may want to consider doing a destination wedding or elopement later down the road.
  2. Your Photographer is EXTREMELY important. Include your photographer in on the date decision. When working together you will be able to make that easier and less stressful.

3) Consider an elopement or destination wedding later

I know this may not be what you want to hear, but this may be the best, stress-free option. This will require a lot less coordinating of schedules and allow you to save a lot of the money you may have lost in retainers and having to change dates. This is the time to do this and cancel. Also, note that lots of places are giving lots of discounts.

4) Take a look at your contracts, but contact the vendors. Some exceptions are being made for this epidemic

This is going to be essential when having to consider rescheduling your date. You need to know what each of your vendors says about your deposit/retainer fee. A lot of vendors empathize with you on this, but they also turned down work for your day, and they have businesses and families as well, so please, refrain from being mean to them!

5) The date is significant to us, and we don’t want to change it, what should I do?

I understand 🙁 if this is the case for you, Maybe an elopement ceremony would work for you. Something intimate. In some states, it has to be less than 10 people, and some courtrooms are closed down but if you know a notary they can perform the ceremony 🙂 You can always have a larger celebration later where you invite family and friends.

6) Our venue is booked and now we have to choose another venue!

Its ok not the end of the world, think that if you married anywhere that is what it is all about. The venue is for the celebration what matters is that you are getting to spend the rest of your lives together. If you need help with a venue I can help just let me know and i can help you find the right one.

7) Consider the time of year you reschedule your wedding.

If you have to reschedule your wedding, consider the time f the year! Here is Florida it feels like its always hot. September through February are cooler months. We do get an unexpected 90 degree days but it is the best chance to get cooler weather. There is a high chance that your vendors will be booked as the fall is the busiest time of year for most vendors. If you reschedule for the summer, in some parts of the country, this is going to be really hot, and most people don’t book weddings during this time, so availability will be much better for you as you reschedule.

8) My wedding is in June or after, should I wait or cancel?

Great question! According to the CDC as of right now (March 18th) they believe that this “social distancing” phase will last about 8 weeks. Taking that into consideration, it seems like, if your wedding is in June, I would continue as scheduled and play it by ear but be ready for this to last longer.

9) Invest in the things that last.

As we have seen from all of this, things can change in an instant, and life is shorter than we think, so we strongly believe that the moments that you DO have with your family and friends should be captured beautifully and preserved permanently. Make sure you have amazing photography and get a gorgeous album to remember your day with! Our albums are hand-crafted and come with a lifetime warranty. They are the PERFECT way to remember your day in the most beautiful way!

Remember, at the end of the day, safety is the #1 priority. we want you to be safe and enjoy your day.

If your photographer is booked for your reschedule date or you are interested in having us photograph your wedding, please contact us, we would LOVE to be there for you!



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